Doing the FEDs work for them is a thankless job

tldr; skid cringe

My biggest regret in this story was keeping my CR-48 pilot laptop in my room the day they came. Or maybe it was taking Google on their offer to replace the cracked work of art with their hideous newer HP version. I wonder if I should consult a lawyer before I publish this. Around the time I was 13 I watched some over the top crime drama movie where the "good guys" had to stop the bad hackers with less than legal methods. I went to sleep that night with ideals of becoming some kinda internet batman. It wasn't until about one year later that I would be able to put such ideas in motion. After finishing up downloads of every free MMO I could cram onto my new laptop I wasted no more time in Googling "how do I hack". This search returned two interesting links: one hacker tutorial "quest" and another I signed up and very rapidly forgot my noble mission. Turns out teaching a 14 year old kid in a small southern town how to run botnets wasn't a good way to keep power in check. A year or two later (someone check when the site started I'm le tired) and was now being touted as the "blackhat" version of hackforums. Somehow allowing teenagers to buy/sell other infected computers is where we draw the line. If you wanted to explicitly state anything about theft of finances you had to go here. It's a good business model that allows your users to pretend they aren't causing anyone any real harm and to a degree that may be true. However, now I was reminded why I started this journey. A year or two of lounge shitposting, DDOSing game servers and shenanigans had to now take a backseat. I was going to save the world. Getting into the site was not hard. I had of course procured my mothers debit card months back to secure my place in the first 100 to gain the privilege of paying for a matte purple usergroup that delineated my status as UB3R. Once inside the faux background check of sk1lz I found the site to be similar to HF without all the cute gaming or other techie fluff. They were right to the point and so was I straight to the...marketplace. I recall scanning a few threads to get a lay of the land and see what would need to be done so that I could go first in "purchasing" a few cards. Seemed easy enough to gain a reputation given it was a new site after all. I backed up a few breadcrumbs and went straight to the botnet section. Hoping someone had some software I could use to assist my own net numbers and things I could say that could fluff my post-count. 75 seemed respectful and honestly I was growing impatient thinking about how phase two was going to go. I opted to cast a wider net and rest on the idea that OP was going to go first in a deal by posting in buyers bay vs responding to multiple sellers. I waited few 5 people to contact me and then gave them all my OTRXMPP to add. One never showed up and another refused to go first. The other three had no issues sending me txt files with handfuls of stolen credit cards that thankfully also contained contact information of the victims. I then blocked the miscreants and spent most of my freetime after school calling the card owners and trying to convince them it wasn't a prank call. One person started crying and asking what they should do? Not sure bud I'm 15(16?) I think you call the card company, shrug. Another threatened to call the police on the third call and then quickly shutup after I responded with their Mastercard number. Thanks was the response all around even if it did take some lubrication occasionally. At this point I was banned from Though I responded to such by trying to rally what little bit of ethics I could from hackforums by attempting to create a group that focused on doing the above multiple times. Not a single response considered this a good idea and I had to call in a few favors to gang -rep a couple guys into removing their negative reputation scores on me. Fun times. Fast forward a few years and while I was far away from transitioning into a respectful member of society.

*Will update/finish*